Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today is Ben's daddy's birthday!! He is now 24 years old!! Happy Birthday, Daddy!!

Ben has been a very fussy, grumpy baby. I do believe its a combination of things: teething, not getting enough sleep, gas, and being bored. I try my best to keep him happy, but his toys only seem to interest him for a little while, then he gets bored and wants to be held. Which i would love to do all day, but in reality, I just can't. Not only does my back ache after hours but I have other things to do, like his laundry, and keeping the floor clean so he can play! I talked with my mom today and we think that he's not getting a long enough nap to warrant his being happy. He's so playful and happy in the morning after a full night of sleep, but he only takes about a hour long nap and thats not enough for him. Today, he woke up after an hour and started screaming. After screaming for a whole hour, I finally got him back to sleep and he slept for another two hours. YIPPEE!! I also got a nap in, which was nice because my head really hurt from all the screaming. But when he woke up, he was playful and happy, so that jut adds to my mom's theory!
I took him window shopping today and found some toys that are interesting to him!! I'm so excited for Christmas!! I have already bought a gift for him!! I was a DI and I bought a bunch of books for really cheap. He won't get them until Christmas, so don't tell him, ok? So we're getting all set for Christmas!!
The latest thing that makes him giggle is laying him on his back and taking his feet and blowing on them, then putting them up to his face and chanting "feet on your face" while tapping his feet on his cheeks, then "toes on your nose" when you tickle his nose with is.. toes.. lol!! So he really enjoys that!! He can't quite keep his feet up to his face yet, but he likes to chew on his toes when I put his feet up to his mouth!!

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Butler Family said...

Aww he sounds like any other baby out there. Fussy and then happy. I do notice when Gordon only gets an hour nap compared to his 3 hour naps he is definently much much happier!! Hopefully you can get him to stay asleep longer from now on:)

Aaron and Ashley said...

Hey Sam! I have a great book that is suppose to help with a routine in baby's life if you would like to get it, it is called On Becoming Babywise. My friends Mary and Karmen use the program and their baby's both slept through the night and took regular naps durring the day at about 7-9 weeks after they were born.

Your mom sent me you baby blog address. Can I just say that little laugh is sooo cute? What a cute baby boy! He definitely seems happy. :)

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