Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Belated Halloween

Since I haven't been very good about posting, I thought I would update you on Ben's first Halloween!! A few days before Halloween, we took Ben trick-or-treating at Toby's work. He was dressed in his Lion costume (from G'ma and G'pa Call). Everyone love it so much!! He looked so adorable. Doesn't he looks so cute with his Daddy?

Later that night, we took Ben to Toby's Geology Halloween party. We decided to dress him up as a little sea fossil.. i think it was called a crinoide, something like that.

<---Here is a picture of that costume
On Halloween Day Ben was dressed up at a Pumpkin (from G'ma and G'pa Dossett). He wore this warm comfy outfit all day and loved it!! We went to visit his daddy up on campus and everyone was saying how adorable he was!! He even helped me answer the door for trick-or-treaters!! Ben absolutely loved Halloween and I loved all the candy that he got me for being so cute!!

For our Ward Halloween party, Ben was a Lion again because we loved his little Tail. Our best friends, the Johnson's came to have fun with us!! Nate was a little bear. Aren't they so cute together? (This picture is from Kate, so thank her for it!!)

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