Monday, January 25, 2010

Hopsital Visit: Week 1

So, i've been quite lazy and haven't updated this like I should of. So, here goes:

I have been admitted to the hospital until the Twins come. I am on strict bedrest and can not even lay flat, my head has to be lower than my legs, to keep pressure off my cervix. No, I do not even get potty privileges, I have the joys of using a bed pan. Yeah, I know, you're jealous. Now that you have a small update, I'll let you know what happened.

Tuesday, January 18, I found that I was bleeding. This wasn't just any bleeding, it was heavy significant bleeding. Toby's class was just getting out, so I called him, packed up Ben in the car and headed to the Dr's Office. I'd bled a little with Ben but it was slight and was declared implantation bleeding, basically a little bit of blood that can come after the egg attaches to the uterus. Anyways, we got to the Dr. Office and got checked by Dr. Allred. (Not the most pleasant experience ever, as mom's know). He said I was dialated about 1 cm, but that could just be how my cervix could be with already having 1 baby or the fact that i'm pregnant with twin. But there was still a significant amount of bleeding (like a period) so he ordered an ultrasound. Ever reassuring, he stated that this could just possibly be a time in my pregnancy that I go on house arrest, but could also be an abrupt placenta, which is where the placenta can become detached from the uterus wall and is fatal. The ultrasound ruled out any problems with the placentas and with the babies. They are both growing strong and are both super healthy. However, when the Tech was checking my cervix, she wasn't very happy with the result and called the Dr. in. When Dr Allred check out the image, he wasn't very happy. He said that it turned out to be a lot more serious that he thought and I needed to check into the hospital immediately.
It turns out that I have what is called an incompetent cervix. Unfortunately there is pressure building on my cervix and not even from the babies, but if i were to stay on my feet, then I would go into preterm labor, and my girls wouldn't even have a chance. I am currently 23 weeks, turning 24 on Thursday, which is a viable age for the girls, if I were to have then now. So, what now, you ask?? I am on bedrest until the girls would be strong enough to survive on their own. I am being transferred to EIRMC this week because they have a more specialized NICU and are able to care for infants under 30 weeks. It is a precautionary method, so my goal is to reach 30 weeks on bed rest (which is about 6 weeks) then to be transferred back up here to Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg to have the babies. They aren't going to be full term babies and will spend some time in the NICU which is why i want to have them in Rexburg, because it would be so much easier to be with them.

So that is my update, however there is one more thing i want to say. We appreciate all prayers and fasts on behalf of our family. We have definitely felt the spirit as we have started to take in all that has happened this past week. We do not feel as if we are being prepared to lose them. As serious as this situation is, and as scared as we are for their lives, we honestly believe that these two spirits will live and we will be able to eventually take them home. We don't know when, but they will come when they are supposed to and we are doing everything in our power to make sure they have a fighting chance. Again, all prayers are appreciated, as well as visits, as they really boost our spirits! Also, feel free to call my cell! Thanks for all the love and support!!

Samm, Toby, Ben, Peyton, Addison

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Amy said...

Holy CRAP Sam!!!! That is some scary stuff! I'm so glad that I added you to my blog roll today so I could find this update today! Good luck with bedrest. It's one of those things that sounds like would be fun but after a while it's definitly NOT! Let me know what I can do to help, PLEASE!

Haley said...

Thanks for updating Samm! I have been so worried about you but I didn't want to bother you. :) I want to come visit you before you get transferred to IF. Glad everything is going ok right now and glad you have such a good attitude. That's so awesome. Keep it up hun, you're doing great!

Butler Family said...

Wowsers Samm!!! I am so sorry that you are having to go through that right now!! Wat an amazing attitude you have with everything going on. I know how you feel with being on bedrest and trying to keeo your kids in. I was on a total bedrest of 11 weeks with both my kids and it sucked BAD!! So call me if you want to Chit Chat. If you need ANYTHING I am here for you no matter what. I LOVE and MISS you like CRAZY!! Thanks again for the update. I have been thinking about you alot lately:)

Mandy said...

oh wow! thank goodness for modern technology and health care!I wish we were still in Idaho so we could help out with Ben. our prayers are with you!

Ashley Gilbert said...

Send me your cell number on FB. I want to talk! :) Miss you a ton! You are a trooper!

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