Friday, January 15, 2010

And the Verdict is...............


We found out in December when we were about 17 1/2 weeks along. The ultrasound tech was about 95% sure, because the soonest you can tell gender is 16 weeks. When we found out that the first one was a girl, i was so happy!! I really wanted at least one girl!! Can you imagine three boys under the age of two? CRAZINESS!! At first, I didn't even really care if the second one was a girl, but now that i know they are, i'm so excited!! Hopefully they won't be identical, lol! They are in separate sacs, but there is still a 25% chance that they will be identical! We are down to Dr. appts every 3 weeks!! Also, the Dr. said that I should quit work at about 28 weeks. That is the end of February. I work the two days after my 28 weeks, so I'll quit after that!

We have officially decided on names for the girls! Without waiting to see if they are identical or now, we decided not to name they with "matchy" names! I do, however, think that these names go together, well, at least the first ones.
They're names will be Peyton Noel Dossett and Addison Avery Dossett. I absolutely love these names!! And, yes i do know that these will not be Christmas babies, but even so, peyton will have noel as her middle name!! Isn't it just too cute? And I 100 percent love the name Addison Avery.

I have already started collecting things for the girls!! This past fall, i went to yard sales with Katrina and we found an amazing deal on little girl clothes! There was a HUGE table full of clothes and the lady said, 5$ per shopping bag!! We went in together on a bag and I probably got about 10 pieces! Plus they were so stinking cute!! And, the other day i went to DI and got about 15$ worth of clothes! I still don't have many clothes for preemie or NB size, so i'll keep looking!! But at least i have a start! I also have a twin nursing pillow, and a double stroller (40$ at a discount store), just won a double electric breast pump on ebay, and we already have a pack and play w/ bassinett for the girls to share! Is it weird that I'm getting more and more freaked out the more stuff I have?!?!

5 pieces of love:

Haley said...

Love the names! It's a relief when you finally decide. It's a hard thing to do!

Ashley Gilbert said...

I love the girl names you picked out, and dont you love getting things for cheap? You will have tons to buy! What kind of breast pump did you get?

Cecily said...

Not at all! More baby stuff around just makes the reality of a baby (or babies) more concrete. I think I almost peed my pants every day I was pregnant with Clark--and you have twins!!

Mandy said...

wow!!!!! I didn't even know you were prego again! and with Twins!!!! crazy! but I'm sure you're going to have fun with two twin girls!

Amy said...

Those are very fun and cute names!! I'm excited for you! I've finally added you to my blog role! See, good things do come from procrastinating house work! Come visit me again when you have the time, that was really fun!

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