Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Peyton and Addison

Well, so much for being on bed-rest for weeks on end. Today, January 28th, Addison Avery Dossett and Peyton Noel Dossett were born by C-section. Addison was born at 12:46 and Peyton was born at 12:48.

The Story:

Well, since my last update, many, many thing have been happening. To start, I was transferred to the hospital in Idaho Falls on tuesday. When Dr. Barton checked me tuesday morning, he said I was about 5 cm. dilated. I had not been feeling any contractions, but I was clearly still in labor. We decided to transfer to EIRMC that day. I had to get a catheter in order to be transferred, and let me tell you, that is NOT something i wanna do again without complete numbness! Anyways, the transfer went smooth, and all the nurses accompanying me were really good and nice. We settled into the hospital about 11 and my new doc was Dr. Levitt. He is really good, and even the neonatal nurses go to him when they are pregnant.

What happened:

Last night I was trying to use the bathroom when I felt a gush of fluid. I had started to bleed and when Dr. Levitt checked me he said that I was dilated to about 9 cm. And the membranes were really far down, almost pushing through. They did go back up after the Dr. checked me, but the prognosis was grim. I would almost certainly have the girls withing the next week, if not that night. I was put on magnesium to try and stop the contractions (that I wasn't feeling). Whoever else has been on mag, knows that it burns. The IV hurt bad going in and not only that but I felt really hot and sweaty and I felt a lil nauseous, but mostly my eyes burned like i needed sleep but wasn't sleepy. Anyways, we were stable throughout the night but in the morning, Dr. Levitt discussed the fact that we might want to do a c-section today instead of waiting. We decided to have the planned c-section because we didn't want it to be emergent and have something go wrong with one of the babies, or to have one of the babies accidentally "come out" and have one of the girls leave us.
We planned the delivery for noon but two emergency c sections bumped us til about 1230. All went better than planned, thanks to the steroid shots i'd had the week before to help develop the girl's lungs. Because the girls we so small, the kind of c-section that they performed will make it impossible for me to every have a vaginal birth again. Strangely, I feel ok with that. As long as i have healthy babies, i'm ok.

Addison and Peyton were both able to cry when they were delivered, then they were taken straight to the NICU, I wasn't even able to see them. Addison weighted about 1 lbs 5 oz, and Peyton weight about 1 lbs. 4 oz. Toby did say they were really small and beautiful. After they stitched me back up, I was taken to Recovery where numerous phone calls were made to deliver the news!! Toby and my mom were both able to go see the girls but i was stuck in bed, just like the past week. The NICU nurse came to talk to us about the babies but was very out of it, because my nurse had just given me a drug that makes you very very sleepy. Anyways, i was getting upset because i hdan't seen the girls yet, but they weren't done getting them all set up with their IVs and all other equipment, so i wasn't allowed in yet. I was taken to my room and settled when the Neo-natalogist came and talked to us about the girl's conditions.

How they are:

Both babies are doing well, and both are recieving blood. Turns out, Peyton lost about half her blood supply, which was why I was bleeding. The planned C-section turned out to save Peyton's life. If we had waiting, she would have bled out and died without us even knowing. Thank goodness for promptings of the spirit! Addison and Peyton are both on breathing machines and have lines to deliver antibiotics and fluid. They are being monitored very closely, and just for informational purposes, the neonatal drs are some of the best in the country. This hospital does in fact hold the record for the smallest baby being born without major complications.

In Conclusion:

After the Dr. left us, I was able to get out of bed and so see my girls. Unfortunately, seince i havn't been up and waking in over a week, I was pretty weak and could barely stand even with help. We were able to go see them for a few minutes, but I started to feel pretty light headed with all the heating equipment in the NICU, so I didn't get to see them as long as I wanted. I was pretty frustrated because I couldn't really see them from my wheelchair and I wasn't exactly in a position to stand and see them. I was really in a crabby mood through the afternoon.
My mood has improved as well as our stress levels. Knowing the girls are in the best hands possible, is a HUGE relief! Now we can concentrate on Ben and the girls and getting to the point where they can come home with us!
We especially want to thank everyone who prayed and kept us on their hearts, we definitely felt the love and support throughout this trial. We ask for your continued prayers as the girls continue to grow and develop.

Addison Avery Dossett

Peyton Noel Dossett

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Jennifer said...

congratulations!!! You baby's are so little but so precious!!! It sounds that they are in good hands. We love you and will keep you all in our prayers!

Jennifer Rawson

Amy said...

Samm,I'm so sorry that you're having to go through this. But, I am glad that they were able to be delivered and that they're doing as well as they are. Nathan did an article for the newspaper about the neo-natal unit down at EIRMC and he said it was incredible the technology they have. Keep us posted.

Butler Family said...

Congrats on the absolutely BEAUTIFUL girls Samm!! They are so precious!! Thank goodness the Lord is watching over you and your family and that you had the C-Section before anything happened. I am sorry you have to go through so much right now. You ALL are in my thoughts and prayers and I can't wait to hear more updates about how big they are getting and everything!! I love you and will be here for you if you need me:)

Mary-Dawn said...

I am praying for you and will have a few close friends do the same! Your girls are precious, thank God for the early C-Section. I love the names by the way :)

Cecily said...

About the C-section--isn't it amazing what is suddenly okay if it means that you get healthy children? I'm so glad that you guys are in the right spot to get the medical attention you need. And thank GOODNESS for the early C-section! I didn't know it saved Peyton's life! Just keep chuggin' along. We're still praying for you. :)

Josh, Shauna, Allison, Brynlee said...

Samm and Toby you guys are absolutely amazing!!!! We are so happy your babies are so strong and being taken care of by such great nurses and doctors! I know I already told you but if you guys need ANYTHING at all at ANY TIME don't hesitate to call.
Congratulations on your beautiful family of 5!!!!!

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