Saturday, December 13, 2008

Its been a little while since Ben's blog has been updated, but there are reasons. Unfortunately Ben's momma's computer died along with most of her picture of her little Benny boy!! Its been pretty devastating for her because taking pictures are pretty much her life! Hopefully she'll get the data extracted off of her hard drive soon!! So we'll try and make due with the picture that are still on her camera !

Ben is such a good baby!! He sleep through the night, waking only for food, but mostly sleeps pretty good. He's been giving his momma about 6 hours of sleep for the first time that he goes down for the night, so that nice, even though she doesn't go to sleep when he does. Momma started him on a nightly routine to help him fall asleep better.

Most of the time, this routine works really well and Ben puts himself to sleep, almost by the the the mobile is done playing its song. We always watch carefully at night for when ben gets his sleepy eyes which tells us its time for bed... his eyes get a little red around the corners and he crys alot and rubs his face. Tonight, it worked really well. Daddy was at work so Momma did it all by herself. Ben was really tired because he only took a 2 hour nap and a 1 hour nap, so by 6 he ws really tried and went to sleep around 620. I put him down (awake) and didn't hear another sound from him!! I have the best baby!! (Most of the time)

Ben is a very accomplished baby. He can already roll over both ways which he was doing by 3 months, he smiles and giggles and laughs. His greatest accomplishment (according to momma) is that he reaches is arms our for his momma. (I absolutely feel so much love from Ben when he tells me that the wants me.. so much like a mom!!!) He is also a very happy baby, even when you wake him up.. nicely anyways. Momma can go into his room, whisper his name to wake him up and when he opens his eyes and sees her, he get this HUGE grin on his face and wriggle out of his swaddle and reaches out, then he snuggles into my shoulder! (I love that!!!)

Ben is very sad, that on Friday, our whole family helped our best friends move. We helped them pack, clean and load up the car for the drive to Illinois. We will miss Nate, Kate and Seth until they come back in April!! However, we are also excited that our friends Marcus and Haley are coming back!!

Lastly, classes and finals for daddy are over and now all that is left before vacation is to clean the house, pack and earn a little bit more money.

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