Saturday, December 27, 2008

Baby's First Christmas

Christmas 2008 was Ben's first Christmas. Like most first things, he was grumpy and whiny so was put down for a nap before the presents were done being unwrapped. However, it was a nice Christmas for momma and daddy! Ben received a couple of adorable outfits form Grandma and Grandpa Call. Plus a couple of story books, a book to play with in the tub, 3 CD pack of toddler music, some black church shoes, and a little black tuxedo. From his momma and daddy he got linky toys, ring toys, little baby crocs, a pack of nuk-nuks, and a bunch of little story books.

The flight to VA was very eventful, unfortunately. It started off nice, the ride to the airport he slept, and before we took off, he was a little fussy, but that was because he stayed up til 11 then we got him up at 4 to leave for the airport. He would have slept on the plane but we put him to sleep in line to board the plane and he woke up because we sat on the tarmac for 1/2 an hour. I had to nurse him as we were taking off. He did alright in the air, but woke up and wanted to be held and walked around. We went and visited his Uncle Dave who was a few rows up. In the Atlanta Airport, Ben wanted to nap so bad, but we wouldn't let him so that he would sleep on the plane. He kept falling alseep in daddy's arms, and on his shoulder, but we kept keeping him up. He fell asleep on the plane but started being really really fussy when the plane was descending. The air pressure was horribly bad, even momma and daddy's ears hurt bad, we couldn't even imagine what Ben was feeling.. we tried water to swallow but he doesn't really like that. He did much better after we'd landed! On the plane home, we're bringing apple juice to drink on take-off and landings!

Tomorrow, we get to go up to Fredericksburg and see all of daddy's family!! Ben finally gets to meet his Grandma and Grandpa Dossett, Uncle Tommy, Aunt Cecily, Uncle Jason, Aunt Beth, Uncle Willy and Aunt Hannah, and his only cousin, Summer. And of coure, Wally and his other "Aunt" Hannah! See you soon!!!

2 pieces of love:

Aaron and Ashley said...

Cute! I love how this blog is from Ben's persepective...

Thank you for the advice on breastfeeding. :) Very helpful.

I miss your family Samm! Tell them all hi for me. :)

Mandy said...

cute family photo!!!!
we still haven't taken Treson on a plane yet- I'm anticipating pretty much the same thing when we do. I"m sure Ben will look spiffy in his little tux and church shoes!

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