Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Letter

We have been very blessed this year. From our First Anniversary to the birth of our first son; from 6 foot high piles of snow, to warm summer days, we have much to be grateful for!

Toby switched jobs at the beginning of the year to a call center called Progrexion. After one semester he switched to two better jobs, one at Melealuca, a health product center, and at Broulim's, the local grocery store, working in the Meat Dept. During his first semester, he took a geology class which prompted him to change his major from construction management to Geology. Fall semester he took a few geology classes, which he loved so much! He was even able to take a couple field trips, one to the Grand Canyon, and the other to up and around Notch Peak, Utah. Toby turned 24 in November and he had a double birthday/fondue party with his friend, Seth, who turned 25.
Samm only went to the first semester of the year. She took general classes, as she still hasn't been able to get into her photography classes (but she is taking them Winter semester '09)! In March, Sam mturned 20!! She had a very awesome Princess themed birthday, as she got a princess coloring book, new crayons, and the movie Enchanted!! She took the second semester of the year off to take care of little Ben.
BENJAMIN AMMON DOSSETT was born July 10, 2008. He was 8 lbs 5 oz and had a full head of hair. he was a week early, which he momma was grateful for! He had picture perfect health, except a few days home from the hospital, it turns out that he had high bilirueben levels, which causes jaundice. We spent almost 2 days in the hospital where Ben was confined to a little biliblanket, which gives off ultraviolet light to help bfreak up the bilirueben in his blood. Ben's best friend was born just a week after him, on July 17; Little Nathan James Johnson, the son of our best friends!
Ben rolled over for the first time at 4 weeks!! He was even able to hold his head up at almost 2 weeks. he could roll over both ways by 3 months and loves to play with his favorite toy monkey, Marvin. He can sit up, but we find that he just folds himself over to grab his toes. He piggies are his favorite thing to put in his mouth. Ben also enjoys his rice cereal, but has recently graduated to oatmeal, and just in the past week, to Oatmeal with Banana's. He loves it so much that he gets upset when he sees the empty bowl.
Ben absolutely loves his momms and daddy. he gets so excited when we go to rescue him from his crib, he just gets thi huge smile on his face and reaches out for momma and daddy! Some days we swear he says "ma". What and adorable baby boy!!

Thsi year has been full of blessings! Our little family is growing in size, love and spirituality. We love Rexburg (not the winters), and love going to school and working towards graduation and getting jobs. We love our family and want to thanks them for all their love and support for the first year and a half of marriage. We look forward to many more wonderful years together.

Toby, Samantha, and Benjamin Dossett

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Seth, Katrina & Nathan said...


Seth, Katrina & Nathan said...


lol, just so you know, the word verification that I had to type in to leave this post is... "turdabl"
funny stuff

Seth, Katrina & Nathan said...


Aaron and Ashley said...


Well I dont know what all the name calling was all about but I thought I would join in. Your little family is growing temporaly and spiritualy. I love reading about you all. Merry Belated Christmas!

Aaron and Ashley said...

Thanks again for the advice Samm. I will be sure to bring some extra under

Seth, Katrina & Nathan said...

Hey, we got some video of Nate crawling that we're going to post on our blog soon. I just have to edit it cause it's kinda long. It's crazy cause Nate's doing a cross between army crawling and hands + knees crawling, but he moves when he wants to.... AAAAAAAAHHHHH
Seth and Kate

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