Sunday, August 12, 2012

The usual goings-on

Ok, so I haven't been as good as I thought I would be. But, here I am.

So, we moved. It was a couple weeks ago and after all that drama with trying to find a new place, then being told we couldn't move there anymore, or finding this place and finally moving in has really settled my stress down. Finally I don't have to stress anymore about trying to find a place what will be big enough for our family but not out of our price range. It actually worked out better thatn the first place we had originally had. I love this place! I guess the thing I like most about it is that we got to know everyone in our building already (6 families, but one moved). Its nice to actually know people that live near us. Everyone here had kids around Ben's age or the girls' age and its nice to be able to play with them and hang out with other moms. At our last place we didn't really have that, most of the kids were a bit older and it was just hard for me because Ben would want to play older games with all these older kids and I wasn't too sure about it. OR they would leave him out of games and he would be sad. But here, its super nice! Anyways, other things I like is the fact that there is only one bathroom to clean, we have our OWN washer and dryer, I can put up a baby gate to keep the kids out of the kitchen (or in the kitchen with food), its bottom floor, we have a huge storage closet, and its close to the library!

Moving on... the Girls' Speech Therapy. They've been doing so well!! They are starting to say more words and trying to communicate more what they want. They are trying to ask for what they want and they try so hard to tell me things. Its actually really cute to see them jabbering away to each other. Its like they have their own language and have this silent communication sometimes. They do really well when Christine, their speech therapist comes over. Basically we do games and teach them words that go along with those games. Lots of times we play with balls and we say ball, throw, catch, please, more, etc. One time she brought bubbles and we learned blow, bubbles, pop, kick (when we kicked the bubbles), more, please. Se, we use words over to really cement them in their minds.

Ben has been driving me crazy lately. Its all about asking questions over and over and over again. Even when I already gave him my answer. I'm trying to ignore him most time but other times it just bugs me so bad. I've started putting him in time-out every time he asks me a question over and over. I mean really? I already answered the question, its not as if I'm gonna change my mind. He knows this. I've been really good about not going back on what I say. I mean, I'm not a natzi, but if I said it, I'm gonna stick by it. He's getting a little better, but some days it still drives me nuts!!

We've been going to the water park, A LOT! in the past 2 weeks, we've been 3 times. Of course, it closes the end of this month, so we're trying to get all the time in that we can. With Toby at work, we've been taking my Lil bro with us, so I don't have to watch all 3 by myself. Of course, I only have to keep a small eye on Ben because he's like a fish in the water. I make sure I know where he is at all times, but I don't really have to worry about him like the girls. Sometimes they will fall under the  water and have trouble righting themselves so we have to grab them. Other times, I try to let them try to get under control and fix it themselves. I don't let them try for too long if I realize they can't do it, but I do try and let them do it themselves. My favorite part of going to the water park is going to the wave pool. Ben loves to play in the waves and like I said, he's a little fish. As long as I can see him, I know he's OK because he's never had trouble. I like to sit in the shallow end and let the waves lap over my legs. Sometimes I lay there and its cute because the girls will come and lay down beside me and sun bathe. Once, Peyton tried to lay on her tummy with her head to the side, but obviously that wouldn't work very well. haha.

Toby is working hard at his internship and has about 2 weeks left. THEN school starts back up. I'm still sad that he's gone all day but I guess I have to get used to it as this will be how it is when he has a real job. He absolutely love his work and he very good at it. I'm so happy that he will be doing something he loves.

As for me? I'm trying to get back into some wort of schedule. I've been down lately with still trying to deal with the miscarriage. Its has just really knocked me down. Its been hard to see other babies and know that we should be getting close to having our own. Its not as if I am angry at them or hate them, it just hurt to know that I won't have a baby when I want one. I know others struggle with infertility, I have lots o family members who are/ have struggled. and I guess know I know what it feels like. Like I was telling Toby, I've only had one completely successful pregnancy. With Ben, we had practically no complications, just the jaundice after he was born. Of course, we all know about the girls and even though they are fin now, it was definitely NOT a successful pregnancy, obviously. haha. Anyways, then I had 2 miscarriages. Its just hard to try and wrap my mind around everything. Anyways, enough about that.
I'm going to get back into working out. I've been planning better meals, getting the kids out of the house, trying to have a good schedule; things like that. I hope I can get myself out of this funk because I really don't like it.

Sorry to end on a downer, but hey, this is life, right?

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