Monday, September 12, 2011


yeah, its been a few weeks. Its been kinda hard adjusting to my new diet and things. When I was diagnosed, my sugars were really high, and now that I'm on insulin, I'm having troubles keeping them up. Its hard for em to eat enough and keep my levels good. I end up eating a bit of sugar to get them to get up to where I want them to be, but thats still not good because I'm gonna start gaining weight. At least I'm being responsible about it.. sort of.

On to other things...

Its getting colder here.. I've already brought out my Autumn decor. I didn't post it last year, but I made A-U-T-U-M-N blocks. I'll have to put a picture up of them on here for you to see. I'm really proud of them! I a sucker for decorations that go with holidays!!

We've been thinking about moving in the past couple of days. Why, you ask? Because (long story short) the gas Co. found that CO2 was leaking into our house because the water heater wasn't venting properly. Great. And its back my the kids' rooms. Luckily we usually keep the door to that bathroom shut, which is where is was leaking in. It wasn't super bad.. yet.... but the Landlord is fixing it today. Or else he better, because my greasy hair is going to frighten anyone else off!! yuck.

More other news: Addison is walking about 98% of the time, when she isn't lazy and wants to get somewhere super fast.. she'll crawl. Peyon is walking about 2% of the time. She just hasn't found the need to get anywhere that isn't faster by crawling, but she is starting to walk a little. We're so proud of here. She also cut her 4th tooth. Now both have 4 teeth, except Addison's are top and bottom front teeth but Peyton had her two bottom front, one top front and a top canine. Kinda funny.

Ben is obsessed lately with Mario Kart Wii. He's actually doing pretty good at it. He's coming in 1st on some races. I'm so proud.

In other news: My little brother is up here for the semester, going to school. Its been super nice having him around to hang out with. Ben is in heaven and even the girls have warmed up to him.

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The Gilberts said...

I feel for you on the diet situation. I hope you can find some sugar balance! Good luck with that! Talked to your mommy yesterday, and we had a good chat! love ya!

Diane said...

Good luck with sorting out your food/sugar balance. It's tricky. My mother-in-law lived with us and I watched her to the juggling act - and she had been on insulin for over 40 years! Umm . . . not to discourage you or anything! :)

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