Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Whats up with Mom?

Well, after a wonderful week in Boise..... I hitched a ride home with some friends who were in town for the weekend. It was Valentines Day weekend and i didn't get to be home with my Toby baby. However, I did ask Ben to be my mini-Valentine and he said yes!! Being away from my family was probably the hardest part, not to mention that it was still just two weeks since my c-section. I probably shouldn't have even been out of bed! Anyways, I planned on bringing my mom (who was in town to help us out) and Ben back to Boise with me until the girls came home, however my body had different ideas. One day back and I come down with horrible aches and chills. Toby couldn't even touch me, I hurt so bad. Diagnosis: infection. Start on antibiotics because we don't know where the infection is.. my incision doesn't hurt and isn't red at all. I start to feel better, so about 1 1/2 weeks after i leave Boise, we head back. (Sidenote: Addison flew home the day I got back, Peyton is still in Boise). I feel horrible for leaving Peyton, although my Aunt Wendy was good about visiting her! So, we're in Boise and I start to feel really horrible and my pain meds aren't working anymore. I feel swollen and it hurts so bad!! This causes a late night/early morning to the Dr. who orders me to the ER. They diagnosis it as "just and infection" and start me on new antibiotics. oh yeah, the ones that make your mouth taste disgusting and make you not want to eat. Head home, without Peyton. I go all week on the antibiotics and its gotten worse! I couldn't even stand up straight because my skin was so stretched and swollen. We head back to the Dr. office on Saturday and i'm diagnosed with an abscess. Basically, a large pocket of infected pus is right underneath my incision. So, with lortab (pain killer) and valium (sedative, though not enough) they cut me back open on the table, and squeezed the pus out. It wasn't pretty and my eyes weren't even open. Wanna know some pain, try that one on for size. However, i can't complain too much, I immediately started feeling better. Back on narcotics meant I couldn't drive and so we asked my Aunt Wendy to come help us out for a week, as my mom had already flown home to be with her sweetie. Everyday i had to visit the hospital for Physical Therapy wound care. I have to say, it didn't hurt a bit! They had to take q-tips and clean it out then pack it with gauze. (btw, it wasn't opened up all the way, just about 1 1/2 in.) It even healed up pretty quickly!
Two downsides: I couldn't take a shower or a bath with an open wound. I had to sponge bathe for 2 weeks and wash my hair in the kitchen sink!! I savored a shower when I finally got to take one! Other downside was the fact that the VERY day after i completely closed, i got sick with a nasty cough and cold so i couldn't go see my girls. I am doing better and see them all the time now!

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