Wednesday, April 7, 2010

ROP stands for....

Retinopathy of Prematurity
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The girls had eye exams and the Dr. was a little concerned about Peyton's eyes. He would check the following week and see how it was progressing. See, in preemies especially, the retina is still growing and sometimes it starts to grow in instead of around. The Dr. then will need to laser those vessel to grow in the correct way. by no means is that a medical definition, but that's what i understand from it. Anyways, the next week, Peyton's ROP progress quickly enough that they decided to do laser eye surgery that very day. She came through it well, despite it being hard to intubate her. She was heavily sedated, too. Because of where the opthomologist had to laser, Peyton now has a little less peripheral vision. If that's all that's wrong, then i'll take it! I'm glad she is on her way to NOT being blind. thing can still happen, they already have: Addison might need laser surgery in one eye.

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Aaron & Ashley Gilbert said...

Well it was very informative to read everything, and also very touching. You are such a stong lady! I had a hard time with Chloe being in the NICU for only a week, but I cannot even imagine what it would be like for you and all the sickness infections and whatnot. You are coming through so awesome and I am so incedibly happy to hear that Peytton and Addy are getting bigger, and healthier by the day. :D Way to go mamma!!!

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