Sunday, January 8, 2012

An update of sorts

Well, we've been on our own, without family here for over a week now. I'm really missing everyone and all their help with the kids! Ben especially misses his Nana and grandpa and uncles and Aunt. He keeps telling me he wants them to come over for brownies and to play with him.

Well, I'm here to check on my goals and see how I'm doing:

Goal 1: Monitor Blood Glucose
   I've been doing really well at this one. Not prefect, but pretty good!

Goal 2: Work out
   No doing great at this one, I got the stomach flu a few days ago and my stomach is extra sensitive lately. I did try out my new Zumba for wii and it was pretty fun except it didn't really register me on the remote so I have to try and fix it!

Goal 3: Read the Book of Mormon
   I actual found a chart that lists what to read if you want to the the BoM in a year. Its only a few verses - half a chapter (ish) a night, and while that might seem lame, it is actually working really well for me. It keeps me ging every night because I know I have enough time to read a little bit but not too much that I'll say I'll skip it until the next day. It is also getting me in the habit of reading every night, which is why I do it this way. Also, I chose this way because I can read word for word and ponder that few verses without having so much to think about! LOVE IT!

Goal 4: Preschool
   We've already done one at the Library and I'm getting together with another friend this week to start planning what we want to teach!

Goal: Craft Project
  I know what I'm doing this month, so thats worth something, right? I'm gonna make leggings as part of the girls' birthday outfits and also making their initials on canvas with buttons. They're gonna be super cute!!

Well, thats a for tonight, I feel I'm doing pretty good on my goals, something that doesn't always happen. Thanks for all the encouragement!

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Melody said...

Where did you find the printable for the Book of Mormon reading? I need something to keep me on track!

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