Thursday, July 28, 2011

Goals, schmoles

This year we set come pretty intense goals for the year. We wanted our house to be a House of Order, and a House of God. If you know me, you know that I'm not necessarily a tidy person. It can get out of comtrol pretty easily, I'm sad to say. Its getting better all the time, which is good.

Another goal was to have FHE every monday, scriptures and prayer as a family every night. We decided the other day that this goal is pretty much taken care of. We incorporated into out bedtime routine for the kids. Its works out great. We read about 5 verses a night, sometime more, or less depending on when the chapter ends. We are already in 2nd Nephi. I'm so proud, it really is a big accomplishment for our family.

We started new goals to work on, and they include: personal scripture study before bed, couple's prayer, individual prayer. 3 days in and we're doing good. I feel lots closer to Toby, spiritually, then we have. It has brought us closer together.

One thing I have noticed is my attitude towards... well, everything. I am much more in control of my mood and much less likely to explode at my kids. I am doing much better and keeping a tidy house, or rather, having the motivation to do so. Its really nice. Its amazing what reading the scriptures can do for your life. I highly recommend it.

We are much closer as a family and we are getting goal set, done and checked off our list. Its only took us half a year, right? But at least its getting done. I love my family and I'm starting to love myself. What more could I ask for?

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The Gilberts said...

GOALS are great! And that is a hard thing to accomplish when you and Toby have such busy lives. :-) --That's my happy face! Way to go for all of you.

Diane said...

You are an example to us all. Amazing,isn't it, that the term 'A House of Order'applies to so many things. And give so many excellent results!

Samm said...

I don't know about an example, but it does feel good to get things done that I've been wanting to for a long time. I'm so happy with the results, too!

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