Monday, May 11, 2009

Overdue Update!!

Well, Ben is officially 10 months old, as of yesterday, on Mother's Day!! He currently is cutting his two upper teeth, yes at the same time!! He's been pretty good about it, only he woke up at night for a couple night, just screaming and crying in pain. Thank goodness for teething gel!! Tylenol is great for long term pain relief but it takes FOREVER to start working, so the gel helps out a bunch!!
Ben is almost done with nursing and pureed foods!! He eats alot of table food, but gets some pureed foods when i'm not able to get dinner ready when he wants food. We're both working on that!! he is eating alot of fruit latety, mostly bananas, apples, and strawberries. We are going to try kiwi today! We'll see how that one turns out!!
Ben is almost walking. He does great with his walker toy and loves to push that around. he's takes a couple trys to walk on his own, but i think he needs shoes to secure his footing, his feet keep curling inward!! lol His favorite thing to do right now is stand at the back door and pound on it!! He's even done this in his crib, where he pounds on the walls!! its so cute (most of the time). We have already ha dto buy outlet protectors, because he loves getting into those!! He's mastered the art of opening cabinet doors as well, so its time to get some locks for the chemicals he oculd get into. We've also had to move our pull-up bar upstairs instead of hanging over the downstairs bathroom door, because last week we found wet hands and a pink ball in the toilet!!! GROSS!! So yes, we have a ver curious, almost a year old boy!!

Ben's favorite toys and balls he can push or kick around, or his monster truck that helps him get to places faster... he crawls around on one hand while cruising on the truck with his other hand, its so funny to watch!!

So thats the update, and here is a picture takes on Mother's Day!! more to come later!!

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Butler Family said...

What a cutie pie!! And wow 10 months already especially on Mother's Day!! How fun that is!! They do grow up fast!!! I love that picture of him:)

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