Saturday, October 11, 2008

3 Months and Still Growing Strong....

Well, its been 3 months since Ben came into the world. He is the most happy and adorable baby on the planet!! He loves to laugh and smile and just be happy. And he farts like an old man... little ones and often. :) He doesn't much like to playing his stomach but he is learning to roll over just fine. He's done it 4 times now and i think he just has trouble holding up his head and/or remember how to do it the next time he's on his stomach. The kid loves watching TV, but I doesn't let him watch it if I can help it. He also loves his cradle swing that his grandma and grandpa call bought him. It has a mirror and he loves looking at his handsome self!!
He is such a good baby that doesn't fuss unless something is wrong, such as he needs a diaper change, he's hungry or he wants to play with his momma. His favorite thing to do right now is lick his blankets. a little weird, but he likes it. He is eating about every 4 hours now, which is a nice change from ever 2 1/2 hours (even at night). He sleeps longer at night, about every 5 -6 hours. He wakes his mom up, eats then goes right back to sleep. he usually get tired about 8:30-9 then get up for the day around 7 or 8, with 2 feeding during the night.
Sometimes in the morning, he will lay and watch the animals on his mobile. It plays braham's lullaby and spins and he just giggles and laughs as he watches them go around. His favorite is the monkey.
He is very vocal and loves to make noises and have them made at him. He loves coo-coo-ca-choo noises, helicopter noises, this little piggy, and a made up song by his momma about him being a stink pot (one who's farts stink alot). (and which lyrics will not be posted). he also loves to talk on the phone.. he gets so excited when he sees his mom on the phone and wants to tell stories to whoever is on the other end of the line.
Ben was born 8 lbs. 5 oz. Now at 3 months he is 14 lbs.!! He is mostly wearing 3-6 month clothes although he still fits some of his momma's favorite 0-3 month outfits!

His favorite things to do are play with momma, "tell stories", and suck on his Nuk-Nuk aka paci, aka binky

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Butler Family said...

Wow he is getting so big girl:) He is defiently ADORABLE:)

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