Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Being Pregnant with Ben

We found out we were pregnant over Thanksgiving Break. I felt both excited and extremely scared. I immediately felt the physical effects of being pregnant. I was tired, cranky and felt.... well the only word I can think of is yucky. For the first part of my pregnancy, I felt sick almost all the time, no matter what I ate. Everything made me nauseous and nothing made me feel better. I wouldn’t exactly call it morning sickness, because I rarely threw up.. I just felt sick the entire time. It got to the point that I ate hardly anything. We went to the Dr. and he gave me some medication to take care of the nausea. It didn’t make it go completely away, but I was able to eat better after that.
The second half of the second trimester and into the third trimester brought terrible heartburn. Just like the sickness, everything I ate gave me really bad heartburn!! Even water made me miserable because it lubricated my throat and helped the acid reflux jump back up my throat. Milk helped a little my coating my throat but it also made my stomach sour. I felt like I couldn’t win!! Finally, at my next Dr. appointment, he told me that I could safely take Pepcid AC. I think I single handedly kept them in business! I had to take one with everything I ate, but at least I could make it through the day.
I didn’t really have any cravings, at least nothing significant. I did love to eat sweets a lot, but that’s nothing new. I couldn’t eat sour cream or strawberries without throwing up. But those were the only two things I couldn’t eat.
Feeling him move for the first time was incredible. I mean, i probably didn't realize it the first time but when i did, it was pretty cool. Eventually, when he was moving around all the time, it wasn't so much fun because he liked to stick his feet up into my ribs. That really hurt. He also got hiccups a lot which was really funny to feel in my abs.
At 20 weeks, we had our second ultrasound during which we found out the sex of our baby. I really wanted to know because i wanted to get things specifically for our baby. We both wanted a little boy SO bad... and we got our wish!! I just knew it was gonna be a boy!! (mother's instinct) i guess we'll find out if thats really what it is with the next kid.
Officially his due date was the 17 of July, but he came a week early!!

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Sarah said...

Aww... I love your blog :-) I also LOVE your honesty! It's about time a mommy tells the good with the bad rather than pretending it's all sunshine and cake. I look forward to reading more!

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